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Our corporate and industrial investigation services have never been more in demand, especially in this age of digital technology which makes carrying out these crimes easier than ever before.

Here at A1 we can help you protect your business with our first-rate commercial investigation services that give you the facts you need to safeguard your business, your people, your reputation, your innovation work and your bottom-line profits.

Our professional undercover agents have saved companies hundreds of thousands of pounds and have uncovered both small and large-scale criminal activities that threatened the very survival of businesses. Bringing your commercial investigation to the best conclusion is always our number one priority.

It is surprising how many businesses do not carry out fraud risk assessments and don’t have robust anti-fraud processes in place across all aspects of their business. This can leave them very vulnerable to criminal activities from existing employees, suppliers or criminal gangs. Any company, large or small, is vulnerable if they do not have robust anti-fraud processes to in place.

Criminal activities can be carried out by anyone in an organisation so vetting existing and former staff can be a useful exercise if businesses suspect fraudulent activity is taking place.

Signs you might have a problem:

There are often some tell-tale warning signs of fraudulent activity that our highly trained agents can quickly spot. Some of the warning signs that might indicate you have a problem include:

  • Missing monies that are proving difficult to ratify and errors or discrepancies in accounting records and procedures
  • Unusual or unexplained transactions with no paper trail
  • Employees that are in debt who need financial
  • Missing information or documents
  • Alterations on digital or physical documentation
  • Secrecy and limited visibility of processes e.g. individual employees unable or unwilling to be transparent about processes and refusing to involve anyone else
  • Regular and significant periods of unexplained absence and lack of engagement or response to employer communications

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time for a confidential discussion and we will be happy to support and guide you.

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