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We offer a range of corporate services to support businesses in tackling both internal and external threats to their business. Regradless of the situation you are facing, we have services to support your in collecting evidence.

Sadly, criminal activity across the corporate and business world is on the increase. Millions of pounds are lost by industries every year through fraud, theft and industrial espionage.

A1 Investigations provides a range of corporate services that will preserve your business and industry from threats:

Industrial espionage

Put simply, industrial espionage is about businesses trying to gain a competitive edge and advantage over another by acquiring sensitive and confidential competitor information.

It can play out in a number of ways. Firstly, a dissatisfied existing or former employee may be targeted by a competitor to pass on highly valuable information with the intent to either damage the company or help further their own personal or professional interests.

Secondly it may take the form of a competitor directly paying an existing employee, company stakeholder or supplier to pass on confidential company assets.

The loss of such types of information can prove hugely damaging to a business both financially and reputationally.

At A1 Investigations Bureau, we can work with you to strengthen your processes to help counter industrial espionage in the first place as well as assisting you in indentifing and locating the culprits.

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Industrial and corporate undercover specialists

Our corporate and industrial investigation services have never been more in demand, especially in this age of digital technology which makes carrying out these crimes easier than ever before.

Criminal activities can be carried out by anyone in an organisation so vetting existing and former staff can be a useful exercise if businesses suspect fraudulent activity is taking place.

Here at A1 we can help you protect your business with our first-rate commercial investigation services that give you the facts you need to safeguard your business, your people, your reputation, your innovation work and your bottom-line profits.

Our professional undercover agents have saved companies hundreds of thousands of pounds and have uncovered both small and large-scale criminal activities that threatened the very survival of businesses. Bringing your commercial investigation to the best conclusion is always our number one priority.

There are often some tell-tale warning signs of fraudulent activity that our highly trained agents can quickly spot. Some of the warning signs that might indicate you have a problem include:

  • Missing monies that are proving difficult to ratify and errors or discrepancies in accounting records and procedures
  • Unusual or unexplained transactions with no paper trail
  • Employees that are in debt who need financial help
  • Missing information or documents
  • Alterations on digital or physical documentation
  • Secrecy and limited visibility of processes e.g. individual employees unable or unwilling to be transparent about processes and refusing to involve anyone else
  • Regular and significant periods of unexplained absence and lack of engagement or response to employer communications

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time for a confidential discussion and we will be happy to support and guide you.

Employee absenteeism and misconduct

Employees are the most valuable assets any company has, and businesses often invest a lot of time and money in training and equipping their teams. If an employee is regularly absent without a genuine reason, then this is a misconduct offence and may need the help of an investigation agency like ours to help gather the facts and evidence. Equally, misconduct in the workplace can take many different forms such as theft, false expenses, espionage or bullying.

Absenteeism and misconduct matters require a lot of effort and money to manage and over time, can become a huge drain on company resources. It is therefore vital to any employer who is concerned about any of these matters, that evidence can be shown to have been gathered effectively – especially if this is needed for use in any tribunal or dismissal situation.

We have significant experience in supporting organisations in all types of employee matters and collecting evidence ready for the next stage in the process.

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Company fraud

Sadly, company fraud is one of the most common crimes that businesses see today. It can happen as a result of inadequate processes and procedures or it can simply be down to groups or individuals targeting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in companies. Either way, it can cost companies a lot of money if it is goes unchecked.

Our anti-fraud agents consist of former high-ranking fraud squad officers and financial experts whose combined knowledge and expertise helps gather the facts to allow businesses to make informed evidence-based decisions which may result in passing information over to the police if appropriate.

Our operatives can join your workforce in order to conduct surveillance directly and also use discreet video devices to record the evidence.

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Corporate surveillance

There might be certain circumstances in which carrying out surveillance is an important requirement in order to gather robust facts on a certain issue or situations. To many commercial organisations it may feel an uncomfortable thing to consider, but if it helps gather the facts needed to make informed decisions or give peace of mind then it is well worth the investment.

We’re not talking people in raincoats following people though. Today, technology and experience combined means safe and effective surveillance can be carried out to help you achieve evidence-based conclusions. Our operatives can join your workforce to conduct surveillance directly and use discreet video devices to record the evidence needed.

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Corporate debugging

Walls should not have ears, but in some cases they do. At A1 Investigations, we use sophisticated debugging equipment to sweep your workplace or home for any listening devices that may have been planted.

People may plant bugging devices for many reasons but in the corporate world, it is most often because they are trying to get hold of sensitive information which can be used to gain a competitive edge over your business or could even be used to blackmail a company or individual.

Nobody should feel that their privacy is being compromised like this and it is illegal to plant hidden recording devices.

We have a wealth of experience in debugging premises and we also carefully assess any devices we find so that you have all the information you need to bring those that have planted them to justice.

Our debugging experience has covered small and large offices, factory units, hotels and private residences throughout the UK and globally.

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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has become an incredibly useful unobtrusive business tool in recent years and helps companies plan work, track and understand movements effectively. Being able to create detailed tracking reports helps businesses understand existing and emerging movement patterns and plan workloads to deliver efficiency and improve the bottom line.

Any business, large or small, can benefit from this form of cost-effective technology.

These devices can also help gather evidence if monitoring the movements of teams or individuals is required. There may be cases where tracking the movements of an individual is needed to help inform an investigation into company fraud, for example. Using a GPS device enables investigators to effectively track movements without the need to be physically present. The insights gained can help support disciplinary procedures and can ensure surveillance can be carried out in a low-risk way.

There are many advantages to using GPS tracking equipment:

  • Asset protection and security – if any company assets such as vehicles are stolen, then a GPS system will help give vital insight into location and timelines regarding the theft
  • Asset control – GPS helps businesses to manage and plan workloads efficiently and allows real time monitoring of progress on key activities and jobs
  • Customer service – a GPS system enables companies to provide effective customer service updates such as expected delivery times
  • Peace of mind – being able to monitor your valuable assets no matter how big or small they might be can help give you reassurance

Whether you need GPS to drive business efficiency or to help support an investigation, we can provide you with the right solution.

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Background checks

Carrying out a background check is a great way of delivering peace of mind and in many cases these checks are used to help confirm a person’s suitability for key positions in companies.

In today’s digital world, it is easy for people to create personas that may not be true.

For example as a business you may have numerous ideal candidates for a role, and a robust background check could be just the answer to help you make that final decision to ensure they really are as good as their CV says they are.

At A1, we provide companies with detailed reports that help build a factual picture surrounding a person’s background. We carefully navigate through rumour to gather the truth.

We carry out these checks with the utmost discretion to knit together all of the facts so that you can be sure you know the real background and status of who you are dealing with.

We are also able to conduct private checks on new and prospective partners and Clients.

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Fuel fraud

Fuel fraud is a huge issue for many businesses especially transport companies. Keeping a track on usage levels and spotting anomalies is crucial in helping to protect your company both financially and reputationally.

The selling and re-selling of fuel remains big business and can result in huge financial losses for companies. At A1 Investigations, we can help your business address this issue in a number of ways:

  • By using our expertise to identify where the ‘leaks’ are in your fuel management procedures and processes. Prevention is always better, so we can help you put in the right checks and balances to minimise the risk of fuel fraud
  • If you believe fuel fraud is being committed in your business, we can set up appropriate surveillance management to identify the source of the fraud and gather the evidence you need to put a stop to it

If you are concerned about fuel theft, we can help you find the evidence you need so that you can take appropriate and decisive action.

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Covert camera systems

There are times when the installation of a covert camera system will be required to secure key pieces of evidence – especially when theft in the workplace is suspected. Such crimes rarely stop without some form of intervention, so ensuring you have solid evidence in order to make a balanced and informed decision about what action is needed next is really important.

These camera systems can be very expensive to purchase which is why we offer them for hire. We also provide covert Listening devices.

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Counter surveillance

Every business has important and confidential assets and strategies that are vital to its ongoing success and growth. Equally that extends to your people too. So, if you are suddenly seeing a dip in your profits, competitors headhunting your talent and developing similar strategies to yours, you may need to consider some counter surveillance support to protect your business.

Sometimes business assets may become compromised if someone decides to leak information or snoop on your business. It sounds like something out of old crime movies with offices being bugged and recording equipment being used, but it is an unfortunate reality for some.

At A1, we work with commercial organisations to identify, remove & prevent data leaks or intrusive recording activity and identify the source.

Prevention is always better than cure so we work with many organisations to help tighten up their processes and procedures to reduce the risk of being ‘spied’ on in the future.

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Employee claims investigation

At A1 Investigations, we have significant experience in supporting organisations when it comes to examining and researching employee allegations or claims which may be causing serious problems in the workplace. Such claims may relate to bullying, harassment, or performance related matters.

If you need help getting to the truth in a constructive and positive way, we can help you gather the facts you need to manage such claims effectively so that you can make informed and evidence-based decisions to achieve the right resolutions. Being able to build a portfolio of evidence to help manage workplace disputes can also help you determine if claims are true or false.

All our agents have state of the art technical equipment at their disposal which helps them gather the right evidence to help bring matters to a fair conclusion.

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