Corporate Services

Private Investigator Corporate Services

A1 Investigations Bureau Ltd provide essential support services to our corporate clients, including the law profession, commerce and industry.
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Industrial and Commercial Undercover Specialists

Our team of specialists have carried out all types of instructions into industrial fraud, theft and deception, covering many countries throughout the world.


This can be undertaken in many ways, eg static, foot, mobile for many different reasons.

Latest surveillance techniques are far from the old rain coat investigator on foot behind his suspect. With highly trained ex-forces, ex-police and ex-military our investigators will obtain your answers.

Counter Surveillance

Is your business under performing?

Are your top personal being head hunted?

Are your main competitors showing signs of a marked improvement in profits?

Your trade secrets are extremely important for your companies survival –
are they safe?

There are many ways in which we can help you protect yourself, it is not the time to wait act now.

For security reasons when contacting us do not use your usual landline, mobile or computer system.

Company Fraud

The above is constantly on the increase. All companies are at risk whether you are a small business or a Global Corporate company. Our experts consist of ex-high ranking fraud squad officers and financial experts their combined knowledge is an asset.

Employee and Internal Theft

There comes a point when theft affect’s profits, if not stopped in its infancy it will escalate into much greater loses therefore damaging profits, performance and morale. Our professional undercover agents will work alongside your employees in order to locate the problem.

We will install listening devices, cameras and other devices to assist in evidence gathering. A percentage of businesses and industry owners do not like the adverse publicity, we understand this and prosecution is not always the right option. Stopping the problem is, it is important to stay competitive act quickly turn the losses back in to profit.

Employee Absenteeism and Misconduct

Employing and training new staff for whatever job specification is very costly, both absenteeism and misconduct can cost businesses much greater sums. If an employee taking regular days or weeks off work whether on SSP or full pay, if this is not genuine it is a misconduct offence.

Misconduct has many more forms such as theft, moonlighting, false expenses claims, espionage and many others. Employment law is complex, if you don’t get it right counter claims and tribunals will follow. Our task is to gather evidence that is beyond doubt that your employee is committing misconduct, or taking time off without genuine reasons, you will need to get proof or peace of mind.

Employee Claims

False employee claims can not only be costly but damage your company’s reputation.

If you have reason to believe an employee is making a false claim against your company, whether it be for a personal injury supposedly sustained in the work place or a general misguided accusation of harassment or bullying.

We at A1, have a team of professionals who are experienced in this type of investigation, they also have at their disposal state of the art technical equipment enabling them to gather positive evidence to get to the truth. In our vast experience many claims have been proven to be false.

Industrial Espionage

Industrial Espionage can be viewed in two ways. First an employee dissatisfied with your company may pass on information to a competitor to damage the company, or to gain information for their own future interests.

Secondly a competitor may pay an employee to gain information. The competitor may have information on an employee and use this to pressurise or blackmail them into giving information about your company. Either way the company will lose out whether from loss of finances or damage to reputation.

For security reasons when contacting us do not use your usual landline, mobile or computer system.

GPS Tracking

From the corporate companies to the small business everyone can benefit from this form of technology. It is cost effective and extremely accurate. It can conclude an investigation in a shorter timeframe and provide the answers when you want and as often as you want.


They say that walls have ears! Our sophisticated debugging equipment will see if they have. We can sweep both large and small offices, factory units, hotels and private residences throughout the country and throughout the world. We can help you to protect your designs and products.

For security reasons when contacting us do not use your usual landline, mobile or computer system.

Covert Camera Systems

The installation of a covert camera system will expose your employee taking advantage of the your trust. Initially the theft may be very small but the thief will grow in confidence. The crime will very rarely stop of its own accord. We will fit the systems at your convenience. These systems are expensive to buy therefore we will hire them to you at an affordable cost.

Fuel Fraud

Our experience is proven. Whether you own two or three vehicles or a large fleet, fuel is a huge company expense. Selling and reselling of fuel is big business, costing transport companies dearly. Company representatives travelling the length of the country have been proven to commit fuel theft, their fuel consumption falls short for the type of vehicle they are driving. Do you monitor your employees? Do you really know what they are doing when out of sight? Surely its time to start checking.

Overseas Assignments

There are many cases where it has been necessary for our detectives and investigators to gain evidence of crime or a private matter. The investigation may start in the UK but escalate requiring them to continue their investigations abroad. Our detective’s knowledge and experience are second to none in these cases.

Many agencies will sub contract the investigation by using local agents from the country in question. This has never been A1 investigations policy and never will be. Our client’s security is far too important and we would not hand over any confidential information to an unknown agency abroad.

We have however over the years established many contacts around the world who we can call to assist us during our enquiries, we will travel abroad at short notice in order to gain necessary evidence for our client.

Trace Enquiries

If you need to locate anyone or any business for any reason eg-debt we can find them for you.

Background Checks

These initial checks are normally carried out by employers in order to confirm suitability of future employees accepting positions in their company. You may have several potential candidates but are they really as good as their cv says they are?

Criminal and Civil Insurance Claims Investigators

There are many forms of fraudulent civil and criminal claims ranging from industrial accidents to road traffic accidents. These said claims are on the increase mainly due to the fact that many individuals believe they can gain vast sums of compensation. The experience of our investigators have prevented payouts of vast sums of money to fraudsters.

Criminal Defence Work

Have you been falsely accused of a crime, or been a victim of crime, or accused of blackmail? There are many people (like you) who have been accused of crime and later new evidence has shown them to be innocent. Do not accept an injustice we can help you by gaining evidence and proving your case.


We can offer you the complete package from the first step of reposession to clearance of a property (eg- public house, office block, industrial unit), securing the property and regular security checks upon the property until it is sold.

RTA Investigations

Years of experience examining RTA enquiries has enabled us to provide a full and detailed service to a variety of clients. We will examine the scene, collate all witness statements, and examine the vehicle involved. This will allow us to establish liability and prepare and complete a precise and accurate locus report.

Test Purchasing

Our test purchasing employees travel the country carrying out test purchasing for retail outlets, hotels, transport systems and many others, in order to show and prevent losses. Our success, allows our clients to maintain a higher profit margin, and continued management-staff trust. A vital element to a successful business.

Solicitors Agents and Legal Litigation

We have provided and continue to provide a full support service for solicitors, local authorities and government bodies. Due to continued success over a period of many many years we are expanding our company in order to be able to cope with future growth.

Currently our services provided are as follows:

  • Process serving
  • Trace enquiries
  • Statement taking
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Defence work
  • Status reports
  • Surveillance
  • Background reports
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • R TA investigations
  • Insurance claims
  • Employment Law Investigations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Overseas Investigations
  • Proof of Co-habitations
  • Child Custody enquiries
  • Repossessions

Process Serving

The personal service of both court and private documents for both Solicitors and Industry. Our agents will carry out all your practice’s processing needs. We are able to complete all processing needs for both all solicitors, why not try our excellent service.

Due Diligence

Whether you are a corporate company, a small business, or sole trader nothing is more important than knowing who you are about to do business with, before committing yourself to a business deal, prior knowledge of who you are about to deal with is critical. Are they really who they say they are? We will investigate and report the facts this will allow you to make an informed decision.

Court Attendances

All employees of A1 Investigations Bureau Ltd will attend court to give evidence as to the results of their enquiries.

We will collect any court process required and attempt to serve the same day.

Hire and Sale of Equipment

The cost of ever advancing technology can prove difficult to budget for; we will ease this pressure by purchasing equipment for you or hiring equipment to you whichever suits your needs. We can provide advice on the type of equipment we feel would benefit you the most and this can be tried and tested and if you wish to change you mind and try another device you will have the choice to do this.