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Every business has important and confidential assets and strategies that are vital to its ongoing success and growth. Equally that extends to your people too. So, if you are suddenly seeing a dip in your profits and competitors headhunting your talent and developing similar strategies to yours, you may need to consider some counter surveillance support to protect your business.

Sometimes business assets may become compromised if someone decides to leak information or snoop on your business. It sounds like something out of old crime movies with offices being bugged and recording equipment being used, but it is an unfortunate reality for some.

At A1 we work with commercial organisations to identify, remove & prevent data leaks or intrusive recording activity and identify the source.

We will trace any ‘bugs’ by undertaking physical searches of premises and we have state of the art equipment that helps us to quickly locate and remove any hidden audio and visual recording devices. We can also carry out surveillance work on computers to ensure that all of your software is ‘bug free’.

Prevention is always better than cure so we work with many organisations to help tighten up their processes and procedures to reduce the risk of being ‘spied’ on in the future.

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