Employee and Internal Theft

It is hard for anyone to hear that there might be a thief working in their organisation. But unfortunately, it does happen. Whether the theft is of physical items or is online theft, it is incredibly damaging and can prove hugely costly to organisations financially and can significantly affect morale, performance and reputation.

Our highly trained and discreet agents will work closely with organisations facing into situations of theft to quickly locate the offenders and discreetly and effectively put a stop to it. Although each case is different, the most frequently used techniques involve the installation of audio and video devices to gather solid evidence. Our operatives can join your workforce in order to conduct surveillance directly and also use discreet video devices to record evidence.

​It will then be up to the employer how they choose to handle the matter if theft can be proven – sometimes this might see evidence handed to the police or in other cases internal misconduct HR processes might be used to handle the situation.

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