Road Traffic Collisions

Every day on UK roads there are unfortunately many road traffic collisions (RTC’s). Some are complete accidents, and some may be the result of criminal gangs carrying out insurance scams. Either way, any such incident is incredibly distressing.

At A1 Investigations Bureau we work with individuals, solicitors and insurance companies to provide a range of support to help gather vital evidence. We will examine the scene, collate witness statements and examine the vehicle/s involved. From this we can establish where liability sits, and we can prepare precise and accurate locus reports.

Our services will help you:

  • Establish the truth – accidents happen but it is not always easy to remember how they occurred. We work with you to establish the facts
  • Establish liability – often an accident will involve multiple vehicles so ensuring that all of the circumstances surrounding the incident are fully understood and investigated will help determine who is at fault
  • Collate precise and credible evidence for court – it is important to be able to present solid evidence in court, especially if you are not at fault

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