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A1 Investigations Bureau Ltd provide a confidential service to our private clients who have particular concerns.
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Matrimonial and Divorce

Have you noted signs that your spouse or partner maybe having an affair is it time to confirm one way or the other? Are you being told your paranoid? You need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist? There are so many signs, they will take their mobile phone everywhere they go, work longer hours, change in their sex drive.

We can help and provide a peace of mind report proving all the facts. This will be supplied to you and then you pass this to your solicitor if required. Furthermore we can assist you in locating assets that your partner/spouse is hiding from you.

A landmark case of two female divorcees found their settlement was undervalued due to their former partners hiding assets. Remember knowing the full facts can put you one step ahead when sorting out your finances.

Peace of Mind Reports

Do you have a feeling that your partner is having and affair? Are you unsettled in your mind, because he/she is staying out late making excuses to go out with friends or work colleagues? If so you need peace of mind. Our investigators will find out the truth of the matter to put you in the picture, keeping you one step ahead by carrying out professional discrete enquiries / surveillance.

Proof of co-habitation

Your ex-partner may now reside in another part of the country, making it hard for you to find out any information. When you are in conversation with family members it’s not easy to get them to talk and disclose information. We will gain the evidence to prove if this is occurring, this will lower your maintenance payments and give you reassurance that this matter will be solved.


This can be undertaken in many ways, eg static, foot, mobile for many different reasons.

Latest surveillance techniques are far from the old rain coat investigator on foot behind his suspect. With highly trained ex-forces, ex-police and ex-military our investigators will obtain your answers.

Counter Surveillance

Do you suspect you or your property/home is under surveillance?

Is your every move known?

With today’s latest technology and specialist equipment we will sweep your property/home and advise you on the best way to deal with the situation.

For security reasons when contacting us do not use your usual landline, mobile or computer system.

GPS Tracking Systems

A tracking system will locate a person, vehicle or assets anywhere in the world. When used correctly by trained investigators for safety and lawful reasons this technology can conclude an investigation in a safe and timely manner.

Debugging Services

“They Say Walls Have Ears.”

They say that walls have ears! Our sophisticated debugging equipment will see if they have. We can sweep private residences and vehicles at any location at any time.

For security reasons when contacting us do not use your usual landline, mobile or computer system.

Falsely Accused

Have you been accused of theft, domestic violence, historical sexual allegations, rape, trafficking offences, or any other offence you have not committed? We have ex-police experts who specialise in this type of work.

Trace Missing Persons

Has a family member or a friend moved away by choice or circumstance? Have you now exhausted all options? Our unique systems will assist our agents in tracing and locating them. Confirmation will be gained in person and all information will be provided to you.

Child Custody

The welfare of your children is your greatest concern after the breakdown of your relationship. You may experience difficulties over contact and access rights remember it’s the children that are most important in these matters. Gaining or removing access from an ex-partner can cause a great deal of issues.

Gaining evidence on a partner is extremely sensitive but it is extremely important if you feel the child/children are in danger.

Nanny check and watch

We would carry out in depth background checks and in the first few weeks would undertake to do observations both in the home and during trips This will reassure you that you have made the right decision.

Background Checks

Are you starting a new venture?

Committing to an investment large or small?

Starting a new relationship whether it is business or personal?

A professional back ground check will enable you to make an informed decision.

Be confident and assured in your final decision don’t get scammed.

All the above are emotive situations let A1 investigators take the stress out of a possibly problematic situation.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen and identity fraud is when those details are used to commit crime.

If you are a victim it will have a direct impact on your personal finances making it difficult for you to obtain credit, until the matter is resolved you could suffer for months even years.

Internet Dating

Do you really know who you are in contact with? Don’t compromise your safety or let your feelings cost you everything you have, be careful and be sure to stay safe. A pre-date background check will provide you with the reassurances you need.

Be careful, be sure and stay safe.

Online Dating Enquiries / Catfish Investigations
Online dating can be filled with doubt. It’s difficult to know whether they’re telling the truth, whether their excuses are genuine or their picture is true. “Cat fishing” is a modern-day epidemic with the ease of creating false profiles and the anonymity of the internet as a whole; catfishing is increasing year by year.

Catfishing is the act of creating a fake identity online, usually creating a false profile on social media or dating sites to approach innocent parties. Many maintain online relationships, and continue the lie for years usually asking for money or gifts and defrauding the client.

Our trained investigators can ascertain if the person you’re speaking to is genuine, completing background checks and notifying you of any foul play. We can reveal the validity of their photographs, and trace stolen photographs to their sources, usually leading to exposing the whole profile. If the profile is not genuine we can deliver a full report of who’s behind it, their real name, identity and location.

Court Attendances

All employees of A1 Investigations Bureau Ltd will attend court to give evidence as to the results of their enquiries.

Hire and Sale of Equipment

The cost of ever advancing technology can prove difficult to budget for; we will ease this pressure by purchasing equipment for you or hiring equipment to you whichever suits your needs. We can provide advice on the type of equipment we feel would benefit you the most and this can be tried and tested and if you wish to change you mind and try another device you will have the choice to do this.